El Limon waterfall - Samana

The Salto del Limon, a waterfall culminating 40 meters high in the heart of exuberant tropical vegetation in the small village of El Limon, between Las Terrenas and Santa Barbara de Samana, Samana peninsula, north-east of the Dominican Republic. The excursion to the waterfall is part of the visits not to be missed during holidays in the Dominican Republic.
It flows into a large basin in which it is pleasant to bathe. This waterfall is magnificent with its surprising height, the green moss that lines the rocky slopes and the water that flows along the wall forming a crystalline veil, clear and transparent. Sometimes a rainbow can form when the sun and water meet.

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How to get to El Limon Waterfall

There are several paths that can be more or less long and more or less difficult to reach the waterfall, whether on foot or on horseback, these are the only two ways to go to Salto Del Limon, on foot or on foot. Back of horse or donkey.
You can use the services of a tour company or go by your own way up to a "Parada" and use the services of a local guide to take you to this magnificent waterfall.
The tour can be done on foot or on horseback via the local tour agencies (Las Terrenas, Las Galeras, Samana, Bayahibe, Santo Domingo, Punta Cana) which collect tourists in hotels and take care of the entire organization . It is also possible to make your own way up to a "Paradas" (starting points) and then to visit the waterfall. By staying in one of the hotels of Las Terrenas it is easy to get to El Limon.
Depending on the starting point (parada) and the means of transport (horse or foot) the walk varies from 30 minutes to about 1 hour. The trails to get to the waterfall are relatively easy despite some good climbs.

Price excursion Salto El Limon

The prices may vary greatly depending on the tour agency and the departure point, the excursion from Bayahibe will be more expensive than from Las Terrenas or Samana, it is normal it is further away. Sometimes the lunch is included in the excursion. In 2012 the price on horseback was 350 pesos and 200 pesos with feet + 100 pesos for the guide (negotiable).
On the way back you can eat in the ranch a good and copious Dominican Bandera for 300 pesos per person or go eat in one of the many restaurants of Las Terrenas.

During a day trip, the visit of the waterfall is coupled with another activity that can be: the beach of El Limon, the beach of Moron, Cayo Levantado, Canopy to El Valle ...
The Dominican Republic has some other beautiful waterfalls, the Dominican Republic it is not only the beach and the coconut palms, the country counts many beautiful rivers and waterfalls mostly in the center of the country towards Constanza, Jarabacoa, La Vega.